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Brief Introduction of the Library

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Huizhou has been a wonderful place since ancient times, famous for its talent and prevailing culture,and is known as the "Zou and Lu in the southeast", "land of literature", the fine tradition of education has been passed on from generation to generation. In order to inherit the culture and meet the needs of cultural sharing in the city, Huangshan Library is built on proper occasions. The opening of the library fills the gap of municipal library in our city for a long time, and is another significant achievement for the municipal government to fully implement cultural projects of benefiting people and practice the concept of governing for the people.

Huangshan Library is located on the south side of the beautiful Yingbin Road, adjacent to Huizhou Culture Museum and Huangshan Gallery, which has five service agencies of children’s book department, adult book department, training department, editorial department and integrated office. The total construction area of the library is 8,800 square meters, with a total investment of 60 million yuan and a total of 490,000 volumes. The first batch of books has been purchased for 150,000 copies of paper books, 800,000 electronic books and over 4,000 electronic periodicals. The library has 1850 reading seats, more than 70 computers, 2 newspaper readers, 6 librarian workstations, 5 self-borrowing machines, and fully automatic.

As the literature resource collection center,children’s activity center, information service center, research center for academic activities and publicity and education center,the library do everything well with the principles of high standard, high requirement and excellent service. To better show regional cultural characteristics, reflect the cultural concern for the broad masses, and further promote cultural improvement and cultural creation, the library strives for creating an atmosphere of reading emphasis from architectural form, functional effect, diversified development. The library innovates reading experience with the first-class facilities and equipments; enhances people’s quality of life with attentive services, which makes reading become a need, a habit and a part of life for the citizens and makes reading happily.

FirstlyArchitectural form highlights regional characteristics

As the public cultural carrier in the new era, the library is rooted on the land of Huizhou with profound cultural foundation, and has been closely tied to Hui culture at the beginning of the design. The architectural design plan is designed by international architect Mr.Yao renxi from Taiwan, the architectural shape is based on the hilly landscape of Huizhou and means the book hills of the library, it is accordant with the artistic conception of "there is no royal road to learning, there is no end to learning ".

SecondlyFunctions meet the involvement of all the residents

Library construction has always been adhering to the concept of "equal, open, modern, diversified, accessible, comfortable", the service targets covers from adults to children, from the workers and peasants to experts and scholars of all ages and all kinds of education background and the cultural level, it may be said "from age 0 to centenarians, the scholar and the beggar". At the beginning of the construction of the library, we install a leading domestic automatic books borrowing-returning system of which highlights the modern science and technology combined with a convenient service with the founding principles of high-tech and high-level, we adopt advanced non-touching automatic identification technology to realize a complete coverage of wireless network, which is convenient for our readers .And it enhances the quality and efficiency of literature management and reader service by solving the problem of the traditional returning.

The municipal library develops characteristic service according to different groups, colorful children's reading area provide toys, intellectual enlightenment, parent-child reading service for children in order to meet the needs of their intelligence development and integrated development; we will use the youth training center to carry out various teaching assistant activities to cultivate the wide interests of primary and middle school students and comprehensively improve their comprehensive quality; we organize cultural salon, theme book meeting, book recommendation, work exhibition and other public welfare social cultural activities to meet the needs of life-long education, cultural leisure and emotional communication for the adult. Based on the concept of people-oriented, there are specialized reading rooms for the blind and two sets of advanced blind barrier-free reading machine and specialized barrier-free access are introduced in our library to make groups enable to enjoy the high-quality service of the library.

ThirdlyInheritance and promotion of Huizhou culture

The municipal library is not only a spiritual home for the citizens of our city, but also a cultural space for scholars to study ancient books and academic exchanges. According to incomplete statistics, Huangshan city existing 500000 volumes of literature and nearly 400000 pieces of ancient books, most of them are collected in the museums throughout the city, but those museums are almost unable to provide ancient books consulting services due to the space limitation and the poor technical conditions. Huangshan Library has specialist reading area, ancient books reading area, and it can provide the service of transferring、consulting、studying ancient literature according to users requirements and provide information support for the academic development of individual research and institutions .

Fourthly, Diversified development conforms to the trend of the times

Culture is the foundation of the city, the library is the carrier of culture, Huangshan Library, "the knowledge treasure house" will walk with the urban development, with advanced concept for navigation, adhering to five concepts for the modern library of "equal services, intellectual freedom, information fairness, democracy and social inclusion" , and regard the concepts as the intent and purpose for every work of library;the library improves cultural leisure function ,leisure concept,content of leisure and leisure facilities based on leisure to meet and adapt to the spiritual and value requirements of people, provides an important space of self-realization, self development for the public and creates conditions for their comprehensive development; the library creates informatization culture platform  with digital technology as the core and the internet, digital television, communication network and other resources, realizes the digitalization of literature resources and web-based service by the most popular city information terminals of digital television, computer, mobile phone, etc.; we have integrated the library throughout the city, community book houses, rural book houses and other book resources to achieve the "free interlibrary loan system" network with the aim of resource integration; we aim to meet the cultural needs of the groups at different levels in the development of city with the best quality service for the purpose of.

In the library, there are 100 percent of the bachelor’s degree and above, with 13 percent of graduate degree, which is a young and energetic team with high cultural quality and excellent professional skill. Our construction goal is: we are proactive and try to innovate, we will provide modernized and digital literature resources for the general public and meet the library standards of Anhui province and even the whole country’s library standards in fields of information resources,services and information technology, and we strive for becoming the national first-class library.

As the platform for spreading city culture, the window for cultural exchange and the large study for citizens of Huangshan, Huangshan Library is new to our city, let us get together at the library and open our mind.

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